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Our signature program, the Spirit-Led, Christian Coach (Certified HIScoach™) program, is for those who are ready to use their skills, abilities, talents, and spiritual gifts (TAGS) to impact the world and for those who have been called beyond the four walls to do works of service.  The Certified HIScoach program is unlike your traditional coach training, which traditionally limits coaches to only asking powerful questions to motivate clients to act. The HIScoach Training Academy even takes it a step farther than the typical Christian Coach training programs by placing the emphasis on teaching coaches to be completely led by the Holy Spirit and tuning in to the voice of God while helping individuals on their transformational journey. This program also teaches individuals how to have a successful and thriving Christian coaching practice.   The Spirit-led, Christian Coach (HIScoach) curriculum focuses on:

1. Hearing the Voice of God and Following His Instructions
2. Emotional Healing
3. Walking in Divine Assignment (Life Purpose/Vision)
4. Identifying & Overcoming Obstacles/Vision Blockers
5. Discovering & Understanding Your D.E.S.I.G.N.
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We pray that you find a course that will assist you with your spiritual and personal goals.  Any inquiries can be sent to studentcare@HIScoachAcademy.com or you contact 877-316-3082.






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    The purpose of this lesson is to help individuals understand the importance of valuing their knowledge, skills and abilities so they can stop charging less and charge more based on the value they give to their target audience. 

    When Vision Meets the Chaos of Life: How to Regain, Maintain and Optimize Your Focus & Concentration

    Certified Christian Pre-Marital Coach

    Certified Christian Relationship Coach

    This course is specifically for students who are participating in the on-site HIScoach Training Academy.  

    MODULE ONE - Hearing God's Voice, Walking by the Spirit & Using Spiritual Disciplines to Keep You Spiritually Sharp

    MODULE TWO - Introduction and Fundamentals to Christian Coaching

    MODULE FIVE - Transforming Lives Through Inner Healing & Renewing the Mind

    MODULE THREE- Setting Divinely Inspired Goals & Using the Power of Questions to Achieve Them

    MODULE SIX - Discovering Your D.E.S.I.G.N. & Pouring Your Spice on the Earth