Welcome to the HIScoach™ Online Classroom. We are dedicated to equipping and educating HISentrepreneurs (those about the Father's business) in areas that are vital to doing works of service and being all that we can be for the glory of God.  We have various online courses that will help you in your business, ministry, and personal/spiritual growth.

Our signature program, the Spirit-Led, Christian Coach (Certified HIScoach™) program, is for those who are ready to use their skills, abilities, talents, and spiritual gifts (TAGS) to impact the world and for those who have been called beyond the four walls to do works of service.  The Certified HIScoach program is unlike your traditional coach training, which traditionally limits coaches to only asking powerful questions to motivate clients to act. The HIScoach Training Academy even takes it a step farther than the typical Christian Coach training programs by placing the emphasis on teaching coaches to be completely led by the Holy Spirit and tuning in to the voice of God while helping individuals on their transformational journey. This program also teaches individuals how to have a successful and thriving Christian coaching practice.   The Spirit-led, Christian Coach (HIScoach) curriculum focuses on:

1. Hearing the Voice of God and Following His Instructions
2. Emotional Healing
3. Walking in Divine Assignment (Life Purpose/Vision)
4. Identifying & Overcoming Obstacles/Vision Blockers
5. Discovering & Understanding Your D.E.S.I.G.N.
6. Entrepreneurship

The HIScoach Training Academy's courses are designed to encourage the student to take a deep learning experiential approach by:

1. Slowly reading material presented
2. Being prayerful while reading the materials presented
3. Listening with the spiritual ears at all times to hear any divine revelation or instructions.
4. Relating information to their own life experience and previous knowledge
5. Searching and examining their own heart
6. Pondering and assessing their own accomplishments or challenges in that area of study
7. Reflecting on past events and the way they approached them
8. Showing up and completing the assignments
9. Meditating on any scriptures provided and journaling anything they hear from God
10. Practicing their craft
11. Asking thought provoking questions that will lead to transformation (for self and for clients)

We pray that you find a course that will assist you with your spiritual and personal goals.  Any inquiries can be sent to studentcare@HIScoachAcademy.com or you contact 877-316-3082.






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